Item 1

The “Safari” Dress.


This was my favorite dress I’ve had for the longest time. I remember I managed to snag it brand new with tags from a local Goodwill. I had so many great memories in it, one of which includes meeting one of my best friends. I used to wear it paired with some leggings and boots when it was colder, but it was also the perfect summer dress.

I lovingly called it “The Safari Dress” because it looked like I could go on a safari while wearing it. I jokingly said I should find the hat to match.

Safari Dress unfortunately met its demise when I gained a little bit of weight and I felt it rip up the side seams while teaching (thank goodness for leggings!) I told myself that I would hold onto it and sew it back together, but it’s been a year and a half since that happened.

Rest in Peace Safari Dress.

In Safari Dress, 2013.

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  1. Love this….I have the same style dress, but in denim and with longer sleeves. I wear it over stuff and under stuff and on its own as well of course. A beloved wardrobe staple…. 🙂

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