Item 36

The Poison Ivy Costume.


I LOVE Halloween. It is my favorite holiday and I often think about what/who I am going to be that year…all year long. I’ve already talked about some of my past costumes (Amy Winehouse Item 19 or Anna from “Frozen” Item 22), but this Poison Ivy Costume I made kind of has my heart.

I try my best to go as red headed characters for Halloween. There aren’t many of them, so I think it’s fun to represent them.

Growing up, my younger siblings and I were obsessed with Batman. So I thought it would be awesome to go as Poison Ivy for Halloween 2010. (I think I also wore this costume out in 2013 or 2014 too, but I wore a few different costumes and mixed it up for different parties.)

This was special because I bought the green spandex dance suit and then glued some artificial ivy leaves onto it my mom had stored in the basement. It turned out pretty well and I’ve kept it around since then.

It’s been a great costume and I hope someone else will like it just as much!

Blurry Halloween picture from 2010. I have snagged a friend’s staff and another friend’s Harry Potter glasses and am dancing around. It was clearly a good party.

Item 12

The Interview Jacket.


I suppose everyone needs one at one point. I purchased mine for a local pageant I was running for from J.C. Penney. It looked good, and it managed to wow the judges, since I was chosen for a position.

However, when I wore it to teaching interviews after, it didn’t have the same luster. I kept holding on to it “just in case”, but haven’t worn it since 2012. Since I haven’t wore it in 5 years, it’s best just to get rid of it. Maybe it will help some other young woman get a job or win a pageant.

Here’s to that 2010 Interview Suit Jacket!

Me (left) in interview jacket, Charity(center), and Liz(right). This was probably one of our first events were were photographed together at in  early (April or May) 2010. I’m really grateful for that year and the amazing time I had with those ladies.