Item 38

Favorite Black V-Neck.


This post is heartbreaking to write. This is my favorite t-shirt. We’ve been through so much together.

The last time I went to wear this shirt, I put it on and I noticed it was so thin it was see through, the elasticity of the shirt was really worn in the shoulders and the minor holes down the hem at the bottom of the shirt were noticeable. The shirt I always felt cute in was no longer cute. I took it off and found something else to wear.

I will be buying a replacement black v-neck ASAP. Here are some of my favorite memories and pictures of me in this black v-neck.

Many times I wore this t-shirt with my favorite scarf. (The one I bought with Item 17). This was taken sometime in Feb/March 2015.
On my 28th birthday. November 25, 2015.

R.I.P. Favorite Black V-Neck. You’ve lived a long, healthy life. A moment of silence, everyone.


Item 37

J. Crew Bridesmaid Dress.


Ugh. I wish with every fiber of my being that this dress still fit me. It’s really sad.

I wore this dress…in 2007. I was a bridesmaid in my sister’s wedding. It’s a classy, gorgeous J. Crew little black dress. But, I was a teenager when I last wore it. It’s a 2P. I was a tiny gal then. I’m still little, just a little bit more womanly. (haha).

This dress is beautiful. I wore it one time after to a cousin’s wedding, but by then it was beginning to be a little snug. There is no way it would fit me now. I’ve known for quite some time that this has been sitting in my closet, but I was like, “I’m going to sell it on eBay!” and haven’t gotten around to it. Well, I’m getting around to it now! It’s outta here!

Take care, J. Crew Bridesmaid Dress!

Item 36

The Poison Ivy Costume.


I LOVE Halloween. It is my favorite holiday and I often think about what/who I am going to be that year…all year long. I’ve already talked about some of my past costumes (Amy Winehouse Item 19 or Anna from “Frozen” Item 22), but this Poison Ivy Costume I made kind of has my heart.

I try my best to go as red headed characters for Halloween. There aren’t many of them, so I think it’s fun to represent them.

Growing up, my younger siblings and I were obsessed with Batman. So I thought it would be awesome to go as Poison Ivy for Halloween 2010. (I think I also wore this costume out in 2013 or 2014 too, but I wore a few different costumes and mixed it up for different parties.)

This was special because I bought the green spandex dance suit and then glued some artificial ivy leaves onto it my mom had stored in the basement. It turned out pretty well and I’ve kept it around since then.

It’s been a great costume and I hope someone else will like it just as much!

Blurry Halloween picture from 2010. I have snagged a friend’s staff and another friend’s Harry Potter glasses and am dancing around. It was clearly a good party.

Item 32

Black and White Patterned Jacket.


I’m almost certain I received this jacket with Item 21 for Christmas one year, and the story is pretty much the same. I had ever intention of wearing this item, it just never happened. Then I forgot I had it. I actually just found it when I was clearing out my closet to make new posts here. I didn’t think I had that many more clothing items, but I was surprised when I found about two dozen items to draw/paint, and write about.

This is a really cute item, it just doesn’t fit my personal style and I’m excited of the possibility for someone else to wear it and bring it to life.

Looking forward to your revival, Black and White Patterned Jacket!

Item 30

Underwear (x 10).


I decluttered my dresser drawers recently. When I organized my underwear drawer, I got rid of ten pairs of underwear. These were just worn out. Some I had to throw away because they got ruined in the washer and dryer. (Crayons melted on them–art teachers probs).

This is also a shoutout to Aerie. I only buy their underwear, and have for about ten years. I love their quality and they’re super cute.

Item 29

The Most Uncomfortable Black Pants Ever.


I bought these black pants at Goodwill, new with tags. I ALWAYS try things on when I purchase them. I don’t think I was in love with them when I purchased them, but was like, “Oh well, they’ll do.” These pants were straight legged, a little too long (it was not fun in winter when water soaked in the bottom of the legs.) These also did fit really well in the butt, they were kind of saggy.

I should have gotten rid of these pants a long time ago, but I kept them around as a “just in case” item. I don’t like them and I don’t feel good in them, so I’m happy to get depart with these pants.

Back to Goodwill with you, Most Uncomfortable Black Pants Ever!


Item 28

Gray Puffy Coat.


This story’s beginning is similar to that of Item 7. This was probably one of the first items I received from my neighbor. I had every intention of wearing it. I actually received it before winter. I think I didn’t wear it because it was a tiny bit big. I like my clothes to be fitted. The coat I have now is my favorite because it is long, almost going down to my knees and is very warm. It’s the only coat I wear in the winter.

Finding you a new home, Gray Puffy Coat!

Item 27

Mysterious Plaid Scarf.


I’m calling this “Mysterious Plaid Scarf” because I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I GOT THIS SCARF. I was just going through my closet with my coats and saw it hanging on a hanger. Did someone leave it at my apartment? Was I gifted this? I have no idea where this came from. It’s cute, but it is big, bulky, and I’m sure incredibly warm and cozy to wear.

If this is your scarf, please claim it. Your plaid scarf misses you.


Item 26

Nude Peep-Toe Pumps.


I wore these shoes twice, with Item 10. I bought them because I love the design of the shoes. Sometimes I struggle with reality me vs. fantasy me. Reality me hates my feet. Fantasy me rocks these heels. I am really pale and these shoes aren’t flattering with my skin tone. They look really strange.

Since I only wore them twice, I’m more than likely going to be selling them on Ebay. They’re in excellent condition, they just aren’t fitting “reality” Jessica.

Walk on, Nude Peep-Toe Pumps!



Item 25

Blue Dress Pants.



I wore these blue dress/work pants to work at school. They’ve been kind to me, but I got a newer pair and they’re practically identical to these. These pants have been pilling and have small cat hair balls all over them. They aren’t very attractive any more, so I’m parting ways with them.

Bye bye, Blue Dress Pants!