Item 7

The Green Zip-Up Hoodie.


Sometimes I’m too nice. And sometimes that’s a problem.

I live in a 495 sq foot apartment. Space matters here.

My neighbor that lives above me is a lively, thoughtful, fashionable seventy-something woman who frequently looks out for me–but doesn’t quite understand that I’m a minimalist. I tell her I’m not into having lots of stuff, but she often gives me clothing items that I find hard to say “no” to because I don’t want to hurt her feelings. I always re-home them or pass them on (she asks me to!)

I was excited when she gave me this green zip-up hoodie because it’s my favorite color.

Until it sat in my closet unworn for months. I’m not really a “hoodie” kind of gal.

Passing you on too, Green Zip-Up Hoodie.

4 thoughts on “Item 7

  1. This is an amazing blog, I’ve thought about doing this with clothes I get rid of, inspired by a delightful vintage pink ski sweater that developed too many moth holes for polite society to tolerate.

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