Item 38

Favorite Black V-Neck.


This post is heartbreaking to write. This is my favorite t-shirt. We’ve been through so much together.

The last time I went to wear this shirt, I put it on and I noticed it was so thin it was see through, the elasticity of the shirt was really worn in the shoulders and the minor holes down the hem at the bottom of the shirt were noticeable. The shirt I always felt cute in was no longer cute. I took it off and found something else to wear.

I will be buying a replacement black v-neck ASAP. Here are some of my favorite memories and pictures of me in this black v-neck.

Many times I wore this t-shirt with my favorite scarf. (The one I bought with Item 17). This was taken sometime in Feb/March 2015.
On my 28th birthday. November 25, 2015.

R.I.P. Favorite Black V-Neck. You’ve lived a long, healthy life. A moment of silence, everyone.


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