Item 37

J. Crew Bridesmaid Dress.


Ugh. I wish with every fiber of my being that this dress still fit me. It’s really sad.

I wore this dress…in 2007. I was a bridesmaid in my sister’s wedding. It’s a classy, gorgeous J. Crew little black dress. But, I was a teenager when I last wore it. It’s a 2P. I was a tiny gal then. I’m still little, just a little bit more womanly. (haha).

This dress is beautiful. I wore it one time after to a cousin’s wedding, but by then it was beginning to be a little snug. There is no way it would fit me now. I’ve known for quite some time that this has been sitting in my closet, but I was like, “I’m going to sell it on eBay!” and haven’t gotten around to it. Well, I’m getting around to it now! It’s outta here!

Take care, J. Crew Bridesmaid Dress!

3 thoughts on “Item 37

  1. Hi Jessica, it’s such a shame when that happens 🙁 . Also, may I ask you, do you have a sequence regarding the items you are letting go or is it random? I wasn’t sure if you did one big de-clutter and are working through the items or if the de-cluttering arises as and when? Either way, you’re doing a brilliant job – I always get great inspiration when I read your posts, Lorraine x

  2. Oh! I had this exact same dress in a soft blue/green color that I wore to my son’s wedding. It was a beautiful dress, and I looked fine in it. 🙂

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