Item 34

Black Wool Pants.


I absolutely loved these pants and they were my favorites for a while. I don’t know if I got them at Target or Goodwill, but they served me well. I loved the way the fit, the design, and how comfortable they were. They were so warm too!

I love Target’s clothing a lot. I find so many cute items of clothing there that I wear until its death. I’ve mentioned that I’ve picked up a lot of what I’ve worn from Goodwill. Because my hometown is small, I find that their Goodwill is a GOLDMINE for things from Target brand new with tags. (I think Target must donate their end of season/unsold items there–can anyone confirm?)

I’m sadly parting with them because I noticed that the zipper comes down too easily so I was constantly checking myself while I was wearing them and that’s not a lot of fun. It’s actually an unnecessary stress.

I’m hoping that these pants can go on to someone else and maybe they won’t have the zipper trouble.

Passing you on, Black Wool Pants!

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