Item 33

The Masquerade Mask.


I originally bought this mask while I was still living in my small hometown when I was invited to a co-worker’s masquerade themed party. I love parties, and I like dressing up, BUT I HATE MASKS. They hurt my face, they’re itchy, and end up giving me a headache.

But, I am a good sport. I got this mask from Party City so I didn’t pay much for it. It was prettier at the time. (I kept this stored with my Amy Winehouse Wig Item 19) The glue on it has yellowed some, but it’s still a pretty mask.

The last time I wore this mask was in July of 2013, when the guy I was seeing at the time invited me to a masquerade party in a brewery. It was fun, but I don’t think I wore the mask often that night. I probably wore it perched on my head the whole night.

I hate masquerade themed stuff. If I ever go another masquerade party, I’ll see if a friend has a mask I can borrow for the night.

Bye Masquerade Mask!

NOTE: I love this picture I drew. I spent a long time drawing it, although I’m not fond of the mask, I think I am honoring it greatly by this picture.

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  1. Hi Jessica, another lovely post 🙂 The drawing of this mask is just beautiful, with a lot of intricate detail included. And how much nicer to have a beautiful drawing, than an itchy mask, Lx

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