Item 32

Black and White Patterned Jacket.


I’m almost certain I received this jacket with Item 21 for Christmas one year, and the story is pretty much the same. I had ever intention of wearing this item, it just never happened. Then I forgot I had it. I actually just found it when I was clearing out my closet to make new posts here. I didn’t think I had that many more clothing items, but I was surprised when I found about two dozen items to draw/paint, and write about.

This is a really cute item, it just doesn’t fit my personal style and I’m excited of the possibility for someone else to wear it and bring it to life.

Looking forward to your revival, Black and White Patterned Jacket!

3 thoughts on “Item 32

  1. What a novel idea for a blog. I don’t know know if the intention is to be humorous, but I have a little chuckle each time I read one of your posts. An inspirational way to deal with decluttering, and a credit to your artistic side. Love it.

  2. I like the jacket. I hope it finds a new home. Perhaps it will go to an interview, or shopping on a brisk day. I hope its new owner finds contentment. For you the jacket has given some breathing room. Off to the next item 🙂

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