Item 3

The Blue/Black Fancy Floral-ish Shirt.
aka Ireallyhavenoideahowtodescribethisweirdtop


This is a shirt I believe I got in Houston in February 2012 while I was on spring break visiting my older sister. I think I purchased it at a Ross, TJ Maxx, or Marshall’s type of store. This isn’t a shirt I would typically go for, but for some reason it drew me in.

I remember I received positive compliments on it when I wore it, but I didn’t feel good in it. The black part at the top of the shirt was itchy. Although I believe that sometimes you should make sacrifices for fashion, I haven’t gone for this shirt to wear in some time.

Hope you find a better home with someone with less sensitive skin, fancy shirt.

My pal Jason* (left) and me in Blue/Black floral shirt, July 4, 2012.

* NOTE: Jason was super cool enough to allow for me to post the picture of us together. A cool thing about Jason is that he creates this amazing, hilariously funny webcomic called The Wild Life. I also encourage you to follow him on Instagram @thewildlifecomic

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