Item 18

Blue Jeweled Jeans.


Have you ever tried stepping out of your comfort zone fashionably? That’s what happened with these jeans.

I was given a gift card to Rue21 from my brother for Christmas in 2013(?). My sister and I went shopping and I bought some shoes there that I loved and wore until holes formed in the soles, but then I also bought these pants.

These pants had crystal like jewels on the corners of the pockets. Plus, the butt of the pants were over-embroidered, but I think I still looked good in them. They aren’t bad pants. They look really cute with heels. They just aren’t my style. I wore pants more back then. I really can’t stand pants now. (I just discovered jeggings last week–LIFE CHANGING! Give me pants that feel like pajamas any day!) I cannot tell you the last time I actually wore them, so that’s why they’re being cast off.

Bye Blue Jeweled Pants!

5 thoughts on “Item 18

  1. I’ve been enjoying your posts. 🙂

    Was thinking what an amazing art installation it could be to see these in a series with Victorian death portraits. It’s all about closure in a relationships, isn’t it?

  2. I love the idea of eulogizing the items you’re giving away. Appreciate what good they did for you. This is cool.

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