Item 16

The Brown Belted Pants.


Ever have an article of clothing you wear so much to the point of abuse? Meet my brown belted pants. These pants were my absolute favorite ones to wear. I wore them probably at least once a week during my teaching hours.

I received these for Christmas, I think, in 2011, because I first remember wearing them in the early stages of my teaching career as a substitute teacher. I felt so snazzy in these.

Unfortunately, I have worn them to the point of destruction. The side seam near the pockets has split, the hem in one of the pant legs is gone, and one upper leg has a line of black paint, from when I was teaching little kiddos and bent over the table. (All you art teachers out there probably feel me on all of your clothes being stained in the strangest locations.)

These pants have served me well and I’m sad to see them go. I’ll actually be trying to find a pair to replace them.

See ya later, Brown Belted Pants!

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