Item 12

The Interview Jacket.


I suppose everyone needs one at one point. I purchased mine for a local pageant I was running for from J.C. Penney. It looked good, and it managed to wow the judges, since I was chosen for a position.

However, when I wore it to teaching interviews after, it didn’t have the same luster. I kept holding on to it “just in case”, but haven’t worn it since 2012. Since I haven’t wore it in 5 years, it’s best just to get rid of it. Maybe it will help some other young woman get a job or win a pageant.

Here’s to that 2010 Interview Suit Jacket!

Me (left) in interview jacket, Charity(center), and Liz(right). This was probably one of our first events were were photographed together at in ¬†early (April or May) 2010. I’m really grateful for that year and the amazing time I had with those ladies.

Item 11

The “Pooping Paint” T-Shirt.


I think this shirt may have been the best gift I have ever received from my little sister, Jennifer. (She also co-admins and edits my horrible writing–so props to her–say hey!)

I love this shirt. It’s hilarious. I loved it because I’m a painter (obviously) and I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It’s important to be able to joke and laugh at yourself.

This shirt was always a tiny bit small, but not too bad. I still always wore it. I went to my closet to wear it recently and was horrified that my naughty cat, Lou Lou put holes in it with her claws. She has a problem of getting into my closet and standing on my hamper and stretching. I didn’t realize she was doing this until I caught her in the act. Now she’s not allowed in the closet at all. That’s what you get, you little jerk!

I’ll be repurchasing this shirt, if I can find a new one. It’s a pretty old shirt.

Poop Paint Shirt and myself, with a prop from a movie I filmed in 2007. This picture is probably from 2010 though.

Item 10

Hi/Low Chevron Dress.


Happy July and Happy 10 Items!

This is a High/Low Chevron Dress that I got in Ann Arbor during their sidewalk sales. This is a great summer dress and it’s flattering, however, I could never find or wear shoes that are cute enough to go with it. That’s a big reason why I never wore it.

Thank you flowy Chevron Dress!

Lou Lou, me, and Chevron Dress. As you can tell, the blue is a lot darker, but it was a fun summery dress. July 2014.