Item 22

The Anna Costume


Do you wanna build a snowman?

Just kidding.

I mentioned previously that I used to teach elementary school kids. They were a lot of fun. One thing they constantly told me was that I looked like the character Anna from “Frozen”. I had my hair pretty heavily streaked blonde then, (and I am naturally red-headed). I didn’t know who that was until I eventually saw the movie.

That spring, we celebrated “March is Reading Month”. During that month we have lots of fun school-wide activities dedicated to reading. My favorite was “Teachers Gone Bananas” where the staff dresses up as a character from a book and then spends some time reading to students.

The music teacher and I decided to dress up as Anna and Elsa and together we read to the school’s kindergarteners and first graders. We definitely felt like celebrities! I’m pretty sure if Disney needs an Anna or Elsa park character, we’d be good for it!

It was one of my favorite memories teaching elementary school.

I’m going to be selling the costume this month. I would like to make some videos on me in the clothing items (that still fit!) to post on YouTube before I get rid of it. This costume has served me well.

I’m grateful for you, Anna Costume!

As Anna, March 27, 2015.

Item 21

The Blue Speckled Suit Jacket.IMG_6126

I received this jacket for Christmas a few years ago. It was good to have around in case of interviews or any other times I’d need to look professional. I had this in my coat closet and I forgot about it. I never wore it. When I went to try it on recently to see if I could incorporate it into my wardrobe, I saw it had shoulder pads and it made me feel boxy. It has lots of potential for someone else, so I’m excited to pass it on.

Wishing you the best, Blue Speckled Suit Jacket!

Item 20

The “Love” Yoga Pants.


The story starts out similar to¬†Item 2. I worked as a cashier at a local grocery store for four years. This was one of “those” purchases where I sometimes browsed clearance racks. I didn’t have any stretchy pants and wanted to dive in, so I started with this pair.

I wore them for a while, but they were too thick and started to fit weird around the waist. I then started to wear them under my dresses, but I just don’t really care for them and have since replaced them with leggings I do actually like.

Oh, and the “LOVE” letters were glued on jewels that started to mysteriously vanish every time I washed them. I showed that in my illustration with the wonky looking “E”.

Bye Love Yoga Pants!

Item 19

The Amy Winehouse Wig.


This post is dedicated to one of my favorite musicians: Amy Winehouse.

I’m scheduling this post the day after the anniversary of her death six years ago.

When Amy passed away I was in the hospital with a kidney stone. It was a pretty bad day. I immediately decided I wanted to pay tribute to her that Halloween so I hunted down a wig. I wore it to two different Halloween parties that year (2011). I haven’t worn it since, so I’m going to be parting with it.

FullSizeRender (5)
As Amy Winehouse, October 2011. (Sorry about the picture, I just thought it would be best to crop everyone out.)


As an added bonus, here is a YouTube video of my favorite song featuring Amy, “Valerie”. (The artist is actually Mark Ronson).


Item 18

Blue Jeweled Jeans.


Have you ever tried stepping out of your comfort zone fashionably? That’s what happened with these jeans.

I was given a gift card to Rue21 from my brother for Christmas in 2013(?). My sister and I went shopping and I bought some shoes there that I loved and wore until holes formed in the soles, but then I also bought these pants.

These pants had crystal like jewels on the corners of the pockets. Plus, the butt of the pants were over-embroidered, but I think I still looked good in them. They aren’t bad pants. They look really cute with heels. They just aren’t my style. I wore pants more back then. I really can’t stand pants now. (I just discovered jeggings last week–LIFE CHANGING! Give me pants that feel like pajamas any day!) I cannot tell you the last time I actually wore them, so that’s why they’re being cast off.

Bye Blue Jeweled Pants!

Item 17

The Orange/Pink Scarf.


I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a pastel kind of gal. I picked up this ~infinity scarf~ at Charlotte Russe (with another scarf , and a pair of leggings). The scarves were probably “buy one, get one 50% off” and I caved and went for this one.

This scarf I wore out once with my friend Jackie. It was a great night where we met a local celebrity’s son trying way too hard name dropping to get himself places he wasn’t going to go. The night was memorable, but this scarf is a little too big and I’m sure it will be perfect for someone else.

Also, I really love this painting. It’s one of my favorites so far!

Bye Orange/Pink Scarf!

Item 16

The Brown Belted Pants.


Ever have an article of clothing you wear so much to the point of abuse? Meet my brown belted pants. These pants were my absolute favorite ones to wear. I wore them probably at least once a week during my teaching hours.

I received these for Christmas, I think, in 2011, because I first remember wearing them in the early stages of my teaching career as a substitute teacher. I felt so snazzy in these.

Unfortunately, I have worn them to the point of destruction. The side seam near the pockets has split, the hem in one of the pant legs is gone, and one upper leg has a line of black paint, from when I was teaching little kiddos and bent over the table. (All you art teachers out there probably feel me on all of your clothes being stained in the strangest locations.)

These pants have served me well and I’m sad to see them go. I’ll actually be trying to find a pair to replace them.

See ya later, Brown Belted Pants!

Item 15

Frilly Flower Shirt.


This is one of my favorite drawings I’ve done in quite some time. I tried to give this shirt more wearing time, but it unfortunately got stained somehow. This shirt was gorgeous too. I frequently wore it with pencil skirts. I bought it in 2009 from Forever 21, so it’s definitely time to go. This post is special because my friend, Nathan, took a bunch of really lovely pictures of me in it.

Thank you beautiful frilly, flower shirt.

Fall 2010. Photo Credit: Nathan Porter
Fall 2010. Photo Credit: Nathan Porter

Item 14

Afro-Centric Shirt.


I got this shirt to Celebrate Black History month with my students. It’s a beautiful top that I absolutely love, but don’t wear enough (also because I don’t want to appropriate someone else’s culture). I’m giving this shirt to Jenn Whilby because she said that she liked it and wanted it.

Thank you so much, beautiful shirt.

Item 13

Vertical Striped Button-Up.


My pal Whilby gave me this shirt last year when I was telling her of my woes of not finding a new gig. I blamed the fact that my button up shirts I had had some bad memories attached to them. Jenn Whilby is so kind and thoughtful, she dug through her wardrobe to find me a button up that would fill me with positivity. That’s what friends are for!

I haven’t worn it in a while, so I’m either going to give it back to her or pass it on to my sister, Jennifer. It’s the shirt that keeps on giving.

Thanks Vertical Shirt, your stripes are more superior and flattering than horizontal ones.