Item 9

Black Cable-Knit Cardigan.


I’m pretty sure I got this Black Cable-Knit Cardigan for Christmas a while back. I wore it a lot at my old job because I was always cold and I had to go outside after school. It’s also an article of clothing where I have some bad juju/memories. It isn’t a bad looking cardigan, I just forgot I had it so it’s probably best I donate it.

Keep the next person warm, Cardigan!

FullSizeRender (4)
Teaching a 4th grade lesson. I’m also wearing Item 2 in this picture. January 2016.

Item 8

Chicago Cubs “Teacher Appreciation Day” T-Shirt.


I love baseball and I love going to games and seeing the stadiums when I visit new cities. When I went to Chicago for a teaching conference in 2013, a few of my co-workers and I decided we wanted to go to a game while we were there.

While we were looking up tickets, we saw it was “Teacher Appreciation Day” where we got these cool t-shirts and got to walk on Wrigley Field after the game. It was a great time, and one of my favorite moments with some of my co-workers.

I’d been wearing the shirt as a night shirt and haven’t worn it in a while, so I’m going to have to part with it.

Thanks for the memories, Cubs shirt!

Hot and sweaty me, looking not very cute on Wrigley Field, July 2013.

Item 7

The Green Zip-Up Hoodie.


Sometimes I’m too nice. And sometimes that’s a problem.

I live in a 495 sq foot apartment. Space matters here.

My neighbor that lives above me is a lively, thoughtful, fashionable seventy-something woman who frequently looks out for me–but doesn’t quite understand that I’m a minimalist. I tell her I’m not into having lots of stuff, but she often gives me clothing items that I find hard to say “no” to because I don’t want to hurt her feelings. I always re-home them or pass them on (she asks me to!)

I was excited when she gave me this green zip-up hoodie because it’s my favorite color.

Until it sat in my closet unworn for months. I’m not really a “hoodie” kind of gal.

Passing you on too, Green Zip-Up Hoodie.

Item 6

The Black-Trimmed Collar Top.


The Black-Trimmed Collared Top I purchased on clearance with a friend at Maurice’s in my hometown. It was a great, thick shirt that went well with the black pencil skirts I typically paired it with.

I don’t know why I didn’t wear it more. Sometimes I’m afraid to wear white to work because I teach art. It sometimes sagged in the front and I kept having to readjust it. That may be a reason.

Onward, Black-Trimmed Collar Top!

Black Trimmed Collar-Top, worn during “Senior Picture Day” themed dinner party where we all had to dress up in fancy clothes. Then we posed with hand-selected props found throughout the house.  This mounted fish is not mine, but my best friend’s Dad’s. I hope he’s mounted in someone else’s living room now. July 2012.

Item 5

The Green Hamsa Shirt.


The hamsa is a sign of protection against the evil eye. My older sister and I purchased these shirts together at Five Below. During that time I was obsessed with drawing and painting all things eyes.

I wore this shirt three times then a giant hole somehow formed along the seam. I think that’s what I get for paying five dollars for a shirt. Quality over quantity. Lesson learned.

Item 4

The Perfect Little Black Dress.


I found Perfect Little Black Dress brand new with tags for under five dollars at my local Goodwill. This thing was magical and we had the best time together.

Perfect Little Black Dress was so perfect it had pockets. I wore this dress to a gallery opening, during student teaching, my student art exhibition, and my college graduation. If there was ever a time I needed to shine, Perfect Little Black Dress was there for me. It was perfect.

I bet you’re wondering if the dress is so perfect, then why am I getting rid of it? Well, I can still fit into PLBD, but it’s not as flattering on me as it once was. It’s a real shame.

You’ll look perfect on another gal and continue your streak of goodness, I’m sure, Perfect Little Black Dress. Best wishes to you.

image1 (1)
Perfect Little Black Dress, Me, and a work of art of mine that has kidney beans sewn in it. May 2012.

Item 3

The Blue/Black Fancy Floral-ish Shirt.
aka Ireallyhavenoideahowtodescribethisweirdtop


This is a shirt I believe I got in Houston in February 2012 while I was on spring break visiting my older sister. I think I purchased it at a Ross, TJ Maxx, or Marshall’s type of store. This isn’t a shirt I would typically go for, but for some reason it drew me in.

I remember I received positive compliments on it when I wore it, but I didn’t feel good in it. The black part at the top of the shirt was itchy. Although I believe that sometimes you should make sacrifices for fashion, I haven’t gone for this shirt to wear in some time.

Hope you find a better home with someone with less sensitive skin, fancy shirt.

My pal Jason* (left) and me in Blue/Black floral shirt, July 4, 2012.

* NOTE: Jason was super cool enough to allow for me to post the picture of us together. A cool thing about Jason is that he creates this amazing, hilariously funny webcomic called The Wild Life. I also encourage you to follow him on Instagram @thewildlifecomic

Item 2

The Black Pocket T-Shirt.



Ever have an article of clothing that, reflecting, a ton of negative stuff happened to occur while you were wearing it or during the time you wore it in your clothing rotation? Meet my Black Pocket T-Shirt.

I bought this shirt on clearance at the store I worked at before I became a teacher. This was sometime during or before 2012. That’s a long time for bad stuff to happen in a shirt.

I actually bought this shirt with an identical shirt in yellow, but that’s been gone for some time. It didn’t quite fit right, and this didn’t either. It was an inch or two too short and I felt like I was always pulling at it.

I’m sure I had some good times in this shirt, I just don’t remember them. All I remember is wearing this shirt during I time I personally struggled with past jobs and past loves.

Thanks for your time, Black Pocket T-Shirt.

Black Pocket T-Shirt, June 2015.


Item 1

The “Safari” Dress.


This was my favorite dress I’ve had for the longest time. I remember I managed to snag it brand new with tags from a local Goodwill. I had so many great memories in it, one of which includes meeting one of my best friends. I used to wear it paired with some leggings and boots when it was colder, but it was also the perfect summer dress.

I lovingly called it “The Safari Dress” because it looked like I could go on a safari while wearing it. I jokingly said I should find the hat to match.

Safari Dress unfortunately met its demise when I gained a little bit of weight and I felt it rip up the side seams while teaching (thank goodness for leggings!) I told myself that I would hold onto it and sew it back together, but it’s been a year and a half since that happened.

Rest in Peace Safari Dress.

In Safari Dress, 2013.

About this blog.

This blog is mostly dedicated to items I am parting ways with, and this is my small way of thanking them for their service.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 5PM EST, a new post will be made containing an illustration/painting of each item including a small story.

I’ve considered myself a minimalist since 2013. There is no ideal minimalist. I try to be conscious of what I’m consuming and mindful of what I’m purchasing. My type of minimalism may not be your type of minimalism. I have what I need to get by without the excess.

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